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The Being Chayil Women Story.

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Gidday, I'm Katrina, the founder of Being Chayil Women

For so many years my identity was tied to my career, my family, my achievements, or my relationships. Thinking that this was my identity led me to conform, to be like others, and try to fit in and belong. At times I had to compromise my beliefs and values to maintain and live in what I call my identity thief. I was not being true to myself. I was not living as the person Yahweh created me to be. When I retired from my career, when I graduated from college, I no longer knew who I was. That began my journey of discovering my identity as a chayil woman.

It was not an easy journey. In fact, it was quite hard. Letting go of whom you think you are to embrace who you really are is confronting. There were times of grieving and tears as I said goodbye to the false persona and the masks I loved to hide behind.  It meant looking in the mirror and being real with myself for the first time in my life. Time was spent chatting with counselors to deal with family issues, mindsets, and belief systems. Some friends walked away, and new ones arrived. I felt broken and damaged for months. But it wasn't long before I was like the phoenix rising from the ashes, and emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

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I began to study the Proverbs 31 woman. On the surface, it looks like an unachievable to-do list. However, when you dig deeper you begin to understand that is about character, attitudes, and mindset. Although verse 10 can be translated as a wife, it can also be translated as a woman as both come from the same Hebrew word. In the Hebrew text, it reads as eshet (or eishet) chayil; eshet simply means female either woman or wife, making this passage apply to both single and married women. Chayil means valor, strength, virtue, and courage. The Proverbs 31 woman helps us to identify the qualities needed, in order to prepare us to be an ideal helpmate to our husband.

However, when you look beyond the surface of the text, you discover the wealth and richness that these twenty-one verses hold. Not only is it an example of being a helpmate, but it also shows us how to be transformed into the image of our Messiah and the qualities that G-d, our father, is looking for in the bride for his son. It is in Proverbs 31:10-31 that you discover the purpose we are Created, Called, and Chosen.

Katrina is a qualified Transformation Coach and Titus 2 Mentor who is a proud Aussie and lives in South-East Queensland. She has been happily single for most of her life, except for the three years when she fell in love with her soulmate and was married (2016 - 2019). She has no children but has two feathered babies, Joey, and Chandler.

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The three C's are the foundation to Being Chayil Women. My passion is to assist and support godly women to embrace their flaws, be their true authentic selves, and let their uniqueness shine while becoming the woman God designed them to be.

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