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from Flawsome to Yahsome

First Thursday of each month 2023
        11am EST


Hey Girl,​

Did you know that you were designed to be a mighty chayil woman, a mighty warrior of Yahweh. You were created to be awesome and to become Yahsome.

I praise You, for I am

awesomely, and wonderfully created.

(Psalm 139:14)

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Maybe you think that you will never be a mighty warrior or that you are awesome. I had those thoughts too. One day I felt like Wonder Woman; my confidence was high, and I was secure in whom I am, living every day with intent and purpose. Then the next day I was like Wreck-It-Ralph; I felt like a failure, I could not seem to get anything right, my self-esteem and confidence plummeted and my passion for purpose started to waver.

The problem is we all carry baggage and have scars from our past. Maybe you struggle with

  • Insecurities and lack of confidence (like I did)

  • Live with guilt, regret, or shame of the past

  • Feel like you are failing as a wife, mother, or a daughter

  • Feel like you lack direction or purpose in your life

  • With loving or accepting yourself.

My life was an emotional rollercoaster until I discovered the word Flawsome; It is embracing your flaws and knowing that you are awesome regardless,  and it changed my life. I realized that you are not awesome because you don’t have any flaws, you are awesome because your flaws don’t define you.


The from Flawsome to Yahsome Bible series is to encourage women that they are created to be unique, they are valued, and they are loved, flaws and all. Its purpose is to help women be confident in who they are and to develop the courage to be their true selves and become Yahsome as they transform into the image of our Messiah.

Now we know that all things work together for good for those who love God,

who are called according to His purpose.

For those whom He foreknew,

He also predetermined to be conformed to the image of His Son,

so that He might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. (Roman 8:28,29)

What You Can Expect From Our Time Together

Each study focuses on one woman in the bible, we look at both the Hebrew and paleo Hebrew meaning of her name, her character flaws, and her life struggles and realize that she was no different to us and yet God still chose to use her to achieve His purposes.

You will be able to advantage of my coaching strategies, which include practical tips and mindset hacks on how to embrace your flaws, and deal with and overcome your struggles so you can love and accept your flawsome self by

  • Embracing your flaws and seeing them as a beautiful tool that God uses to help shape you into the person He created you to become

  • Understanding how and why to leave the past in the past.

  • Developing an unshakable confidence in your identity and purpose.

  • Learning to see your value through God’s eyes and not other people’s.

  • Knowing what it means to love oneself so you can love your neighbor (Lev 19:18)

Each study will benefit you whether you are beginning your journey to becoming the amazing woman you were created and designed to be or just looking for a fresh perspective on the women of the bible.

The from Flawsome to Yahsome studies are currently only available in The Rooted Kafe paid membership group. The Rooted Kafe has partnered with Being Chayil Women to bring you these studies.

50% off your first month.

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