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5 Top Reasons Why Being Authentic Makes You Happier.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~ Carl Jung
Living authentically is a journey of continually discovering, learning, and becoming your true self. Your true self is not a destination. It is not a place to which you arrive. It is a state of being and becoming.
To live an authentic life involves being self-aware, being honest with yourself, sorting through your baggage, and confronting your beliefs and mindsets. You must face your fears and doubts. It takes courage and bravery to look behind the masks and walls of self-protection that have taken years to build. It can be both daunting and challenging.

“Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability,
transparency, and integrity.”
- Janet Louise Stephenson

However, the benefits of choosing to live an authentic life empowers your wellbeing. Authentic people are happier and experience less depression and anxiety. Yep, that is true. One of the principal benefits of living authentically is happiness. Just as living life not being your authentic self can leave you feeling depressed and anxious. I can remember the difference in receiving my autism diagnosis made to my life. Before seeking a diagnosis, I struggled with major depressive episodes every couple of years, rendering me dependent and unable to function for several weeks and sometimes lasting up to six months. The diagnosis helped me to understand myself and explained why I was the way I was. Since understanding who I am and how autism manifests in my life, I have not had one major depressive episode. Instead, my journey to a happier, fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle, renewed with meaning and purpose.
Why authentic people are happier?
There are several reasons that contribute to their happiness, here are the top five reasons:
a) You live a more passionate life.
The more authentic you become, the more you desire to live a life that has meaning and purpose. You no longer want to live life according to other’s expectations or are swayed by their opinions. Instead, you want to live your life, your way and on your own terms. This life is based on your values, beliefs, talents, and interests. Your passion is ignited as you move closer to living the life that you envision, and your potential becomes a reality.
b) You live a life of no regrets.
Living authentically means you can live a life without regrets. Because your values, beliefs and vision for your life become the filter through which you make decisions. What choices you make, the opportunities you take advantage of, and how you spend your time and money are aligned with who you are. You make decisions that enrich and energize your life and let go of things that do not. There is a peace that comes when making decisions that enhance you and your lifestyle.
c) You are more resilient.
Being resilient is easier when you stop worrying about what other’s think. You no longer feel the pressure to conform or become the person they want you to be.
You know where you are going and how you want to get there. You understand what motivates you and ignites your passion. You trust your abilities and strengths to help you navigate the lows and weather the storms in life. You understand that the struggles in life help you to grow in your authenticity.
d) You have quality relationships.
It is easy to walk away from relationships that do not allow you to be yourself. In fact, you crave relationships that appreciate real you. You swap quality for quantity as you want to appreciate others for who they really are. Being comfortable with who you are and allowing others to be themselves creates an environment that is free of judgement and criticism. You connect on a deep emotional level and the relationship is built on honesty and truth.
e) You have self-respect.
Living authentically requires you to really know yourself. During the journey, you discover the awesome and wonderful person you were created to be. You see all your incredible talents and abilities, new dreams appear, and your uniqueness begins to shine. Your self-esteem, self-worth and self-acceptance grow stronger the more authentic you become. The final result is gaining self-respect. Self-respect means living a life that honours who you are.
Beginning to live life authenticity is hard but I hope you see that the benefits are worth it.
If you would like support in your journey to living authentically and creating a life full of meaning and purpose or would like to know more, get in touch with me. I am here to support, encourage and cheer you on as you become all you were created to become.
💛 Katrina
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