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How To Develop The Fruit of The Spirit

Psalm 46:10 - “Be still and know that I am Yahweh your Elohim.”

I can hear you whispering, what does this verse have to do with the fruit of the spirit? Or perhaps you are looking and going; I cannot see how this verse reveals anything to do with the fruit of the spirit. And you could be mistaken for being correct. But just hang on as this verse contains a vital key that is needed to produce fruit.

To discover the key, we need to look beyond the surface. When you start to dig into the Hebrew language, you can begin to see a new understanding emerging. This will help you can gain a better insight into what the verse is trying to reveal and say.

The author of the Psalm asks us to start by being still. For it is only when we are still that we can give some-one our undivided attention and build a relationship with them. Remember how you fostered your relationship with your spouse or best friend. I imagine you took time out of your schedule to spend time with them, chatting with them, listening to them, and doing things that they enjoyed doing. We need to do the same if we are going to build a relationship with Yahweh.

The whole purpose of being still is to know Yahweh as God, that He is our Elohim. The word know in this verse is written in Hebrew as a Qal Imperative. This means that it is a direct command, demanding immediate action in the active voice. Yes, I see that confused look on your face, and can hear you going, huh? Simply put, in this verse, know means more than intellectual knowledge. It requires being in an actively involved relationship with Yahweh. It requires action.

When the scriptures use the word know, concerning Elohim, it indicates an intimate relationship that produces fruit. When we spend time with Yahweh intimately, then the fruit should start to be produced in our life just as it does in the natural world. In just about every instance that the scriptures refer to one person knowing another person, it is referring to sexual intimacy and fruit being produced in the form of a child being born; e.g., Adam knew Eve and Cain was born (Gen 4:1). Now intimacy with Yahweh is not sexual but a reference to us being open, honest, and vulnerable before our creator. It means giving Him access to every part of our being. It is only then that His spirit can bring forth fruit. Did I just hear a penny drop? Did a light bulb just go on?

What fruit should we be producing, what should it look like?

In the natural, a child resembles their parents. They may look like their mother. They may sound like their father. They will have characteristics and mannerisms from each parent. Seth is quoted as being a son in the image and likeness of his father, Adam.

Apparently, I, too, am a daughter in the image and likeness of my natural father. My relatives keep telling me that I am the spitting image of my father. My mother often expresses to me that I am my father’s daughter. I have many of his bad habits, mannerisms, and sense of humour.

As a child, and daughter of Yahweh, we should resemble our Heavenly father. We are created in his image and his likeness. One of the responsibilities of His spirit is to help us to transform into HIs image. It is through our intimacy with Yahweh that we begin to surrender and submit to the spirit and allow His fruit to grow and develop in our lives. According to Galatians 5:22,23, this is the fruit that should be evident in our lives - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Just as a baby takes nine months to grow and develop in the womb, producing fruit in the natural is not something that happens overnight either. It can take months or even years for the fruit to reach maturity. So, it is with the spiritual fruit, produced by Yahweh’s spirit. We should not be upset, depressed, or hard on ourselves when we do not see the spiritual fruit manifesting straight away. It needs time to grow, develop, and mature. Let me illustrate by using the analogy of pregnancy.

A woman is quite often pregnant before she knows it. On average, a woman is 5 -6 weeks pregnant when she discovers she is with a child. The child will continue to grow for another 6 – 10 weeks before the woman will begin to show her baby bump. Now others notice that she is pregnant. The child will continue to grow until it reaches full term at 37 weeks. Then some-time over the next few weeks, the child will leave the womb, and the fruit of their intimacy is revealed; their baby is born.

The first sign that fruit is beginning to form is in your thoughts. Usually, you will be prompted by that small quiet voice to show love or kindness or extend patience. You will be given opportunities to display the fruit in situations as you go about your daily life. After a while, you will no longer need to be prompted; it has become part of your nature. Now your friends and family notice the difference in you. Your fruit is starting to become evident to others. As time goes on, your fruit will mature, and you will continue to transform into the image and likeness of your creator. It is now evident that you have an intimate relationship with Yahweh.


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