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  • Katrina Kickbush

Why We Need to Live an Authentic Life.

"Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Taken" – Oscar Wilde

What is the first thing you think of, or visualize when you hear the word, mask? Perhaps you think back to your childhood and dressing up as your favourite superhero. Or maybe you can picture a masked villain in a movie. No matter what thought or image it conveys, it will have something to do with hiding a face. A mask is designed to conceal a person’s real identity.

Today we conceal our identity with the concept of masking. Masking does not hide our faces. Instead, it protects who we are. Masking is the method by which a person covers their natural personality, emotions, and uniqueness. Essentially, masking is like acting. You are pretending to be someone you are not.

The 1994 Jim Carrey movie entitled The Mask brilliantly captures what it means to wear a mask. In this movie, Jim Carrey’s character finds a magical mask. Whenever he wears the mask, he turns into a different person. He is an insecure bank clerk, just trying to make his way through life. When he wears the mask, he transforms into an extroverted, confident trickster who pays back those who have humiliated him. The mask helps him to be everything he is not. Jim Carrey’s character wore the mask because he liked who he became. We do not all wear a mask to become a different person. We all wear masks for various reasons.

Some of the reasons we wear masks are because we

🎭 do not love ourselves.

🎭 do not know who we are.

🎭 fear being rejected or abandoned.

🎭 are afraid of being judged.

🎭 are insecure.

🎭 want to be loved and accepted.

🎭 want to belong.

🎭 do not want people to see our weaknesses.

The bottom line is we all wear masks as a way of self-protection. You see, we have all experienced pain or trauma in childhood that taught us to wear masks. We can all remember a time when we were ridiculed, humiliated, embarrassed, rejected, or left out. These experiences are the beginning of our subconscious, applying masks to protect us from hurt again. Although masking is designed to protect us, it is not beneficial or healthy for us in the long term.

Some of The Side Effects of Masking

😢 It is both mentally and emotionally draining, and this can lead to physical exhaustion.

😢 We give people the power to determine our identity.

😢 We stop areas of our lives from flourishing, and part of us dies. Therefore, we cannot fulfil our potential or live in the fullness for which we were created.

😢 Our uniqueness, our gift to the world, gets lost or hidden.

😢 They hinder us from living an authentic life.

😢 We cheat ourselves of everything that God has for us.

We were never designed to live this way. As daughters of Yahweh, our Elohim, we should desire to live a life that embraces all that He desires for us. Most parents want their children to grow up and live a happy and fulfilling life. They want to see them succeed. Yet, one thing that frustrates a parent is when their child’s potential is not allowed to bloom and flourish. They understand that this will limit all the good and beautiful things that life has for them. By not living their life to its fullest capacity, they are inadvertently reducing their choices, dreams, and goals. This is how our heavenly father must feel when He sees us hiding behind our masks. It must break His heart, knowing that His child is not able to enjoy all the goodness and blessings He has intended for them.

If we want to embrace the life that Yahweh has designed for us, then we must embrace the person that He created us to be. To do this, we must discover the courage it takes to remove the masks that we wear. An excellent place to start is to understand all the benefits that being authentic brings. I will share on this topic in my next blog post.

💛 Katrina

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